Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to Choose A Family Law Attorney

Choosing a Family Law attorney can be overwhelming. There are many attorneys that say they “do family law.” Selecting the right family attorney can make your case, while choosing the wrong one can cause headaches in the courtroom and the pocketbook. Here are three tips to anyone looking for a family law attorney.

No. 1. You want an Attorney with Trial Experience.

You want to hire an attorney who is capable and confident of trying your case in front of a Judge. You want an attorney who can prepare your case for final hearing. You want someone who knows the Trial Rules and the Rules of Evidence. You do not want someone who will shy away from hearings in front of a judge. You want an attorney with considerable courtroom experience, and not all attorneys have that. Even though most family law cases are resolved by agreements and do not need to be litigated in the courtroom, your attorney’s courtroom know-how and savvy can put you at a significant advantage in negotiations. In the event your case cannot be negotiated and must go to a contested hearing, you don't want it to be your attorney's first trial. Let him or her learn with someone else.

No. 2. You need an Attorney with Experience in Family Law

All family law cases are unique and complex. Some attorneys only take one or two family law cases a year. You do not want to hire an attorney with too little experience that can botch your case and leave you with additional financial and psychological wounds. You need an attorney that knows what they are doing—an attorney that has a plan to accomplish your goals and a proven track record.

No. 3. You need to be comfortable talking with your Attorney

You need someone who will speak to you in plain English and not in legalese. You need an attorney who will reply to your email, answer your phone call, and return your text messages when a question or problem arises. Family law cases are messy; you need a family law attorney that can be there for you and help guide you through this process.

Family law cases can be ugly, difficult, and potentially confusing for the individuals involved. Do not make decisions that can affect your long term future without consulting a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney. Attorney Naun Antonio Benitez, with The Marc Lopez Law Firm, is that attorney. As an attorney in private practice, Attorney Naun Antonio Benitez works diligently and tirelessly to represent his client's interests. Call us today at (317) 632-3642 or contact us through e-mail.

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