Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back Due Child Support (Arrearage)

Many parents find themselves behind on child support.  There are many reasons you may have fallen behind on your support.  Just because you fell behind doesn't mean you don’t love your child.  The custodial parent cannot withhold visitation just because you are behind on support.

The custodial parent may take enforcement actions against you, either through the State of Indiana or through private counsel.  A few of the most common actions include driver’s license suspensions, credit bureau reporting, tax interceptions, and contempt/jail.  Chances are you are behind on child support because you've been facing some pretty tough times.  Don’t let enforcement actions put you further behind.  If you find yourself facing enforcement actions, you need an attorney who will stick up for you and defend your rights.

It is possible that the arrearage amount the State has figured is inaccurate.  Have you ever made payments directly to the custodial parent instead of through the Clerk's Office?  Those payments could be counted towards your arrearage.  If you feel like you are swimming in back child support or facing enforcement actions, there is hope.

If you have a question about child support, or any question involving family law, contact Attorney Sonya Seeder at (317) 456-7942 or through E-Mail.  

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